Summertime Strawberries in a Pie

To me, summertime means STRAWBERRIES! Among other things, but mostly strawberries.  Their sweet scent, deep pink – red color, abundance at every farmer’s market across the state, and sheer yummy yummy yumminess – who can resist?! Actually, my son for one. He won’t eat them – but that’s something we’re working on.  Hence this Strawberry Lattice Pie:


Cute sous chef: optional 😉
Yes, those are my wedding and engagement rings. I tend to take them off when dealing with sticky messy dough…



I got the recipe from Joy the Baker – her recipes are genius.  At least, all her recipes I’ve ever made.  Which, doesn’t always happen – I tend to have many kitchen failures.  However, thanks to Joy, this one was a winner! Be sure to place the pie on top of a lined baking sheet (as she states in the recipe) because the juices will spill over, and you wouldn’t want to clean up that oven mess!