A Smoothie Green St. Patrick’s Day to You


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! On St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish!  Except, I didn’t wear green.  Nope.  Every year I “forget” to wear green.  Mostly I’m too lazy.  You see, I don’t have a lot of green in my wardrobe.  I just don’t.  Don’t judge.  Maybe next year, alright?

That said, I always love to consume something green or “Irish” on this fun day!  Today it was so incredibly hot out, that by the time we got home this afternoon, all I wanted was a smoothie.  Do you remember making smoothies on hot summer days when you were a kid?  I would make my smoothies with strawberries, milk, and ICE CREAM! And I called it a smoothie!? More like a milkshake!  So, I made myself a smoothie sans all the dairy…

I pulled these ingredients right out of my fridge, and within minutes voila!  What I most like about this smoothie, is that the banana really masks the spinach, yet you still get all the great health benefits of the spinach.




1 1/4 c. ice

1 large banana

2 large handfuls of fresh spinach

3/4 c. almond milk


I always put all the ingredients in the blender in that order. And give it a good long blast until it’s smoothie delicious! Pour it into a fancy schmancy glass. Add a straw and enjoy!

*Makes about 2 cups



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