Easter Easter, Brunch All About It!


I YouTubed Easter napkin fold, and these cute “bunny ears” came up, which was fun to do.  I copied the bunny design with the kids’ names from someone on Instagram I had seen and loved.

Easter, He is Risen! My favorite holiday.  Every time Easter rolls around, I find myself saying “Easter.  This is my favorite holiday.  Truly, Truly, my favorite.”  Family, close friends, deeeeeelicious food, champagne, chocolate, egg hunt, bunnies, tulips, flowers, spring time.  It’s one of the few holidays, that renews, recharges, leaves me feeling at peace.  Maybe it’s because it stands all on its own, maybe it’s because it marks the start of spring, maybe it’s because we never travel for Easter, or a combination of those things.  The point is: Easter is my favorite.

Before I say anything else, let me tell you that this Easter I did not cook or bake a thing.  Instead, I set the table, which was fun and actually very relaxing while the littlest slept and the oldest hung out with Dad and Uncles and Aunts. My Mom, as she always does, made the most incredible Easter brunch.  We look forward to it for weeks and weeks, and it did not disappoint! There were fresh made crab cakes with an amazing little sauce I could have eaten straight with a spoon, breakfast croissants with a homemade sun dried tomato mayo, a perfectly cooked Spanish tortilla, and plenty of mimosas with fresh squeezed OJ.

Oh, and dessert.  Holy cow, dessert.  My sister made a Banffi Pie! So good, so decadent.  It is deceiving because it has bananas in it, so you think it is healthy.  But it’s not.  It’s pure sugar and cream.  And to top off the pie we had chocolate mousse!

Voila! Now go ahead and gain 10 pounds with these pictures 😉

Dad’s fresh squeezed OJ
Crab cakes, again, because they were that good!


Chocolate mousse cups put us all in a food coma 😉
My Little Bunny

Happy Easter!


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