Hey There, Cookie.


The other night, while watching the March Madness Final my husband requested dessert.  “Dessert?! I don’t have dessert!” I thought.  So, I told him I needed a glass of water (to think), how do I tell my husband I don’t have dessert right now?  And then it dawned on me: chocolate chip cookies!  This recipe. Easy peasy. 1,2,3 style. From no cookies, to cooling in about 25 minutes, if that.

So here’s the thing about chocolate chip cookies.  I love to eat them, right? But when it comes to baking them, well, they’re a bit finicky. Sometimes they turn out too thin, other times too thick. Sometimes they’re too sweet, sometimes the dough is too dry, sometimes there aren’t enough chocolate chips, sometimes they aren’t soft enough.  For a chocolate chip cookie to be amazing, so many elements have to perfectly blend and bake in the oven.  For this reason, I rarely make the same recipe more than a couple times.  Generally, this is because by the second or third time, I’ve decided I don’t like the recipe.

However, I’ve finally found a recipe that I somewhat do, actually, like.  And I’ve know made these cookies maybe 5 times! Amazing, right? Oh, and it is a Pinterest recipe, so that makes it all the more cool.  The only clincher, is that it calls for powdered non fat milk.  I think it may be the secret ingredient, so just pick it up next time you’re at the store if you don’t already have it on hand. Also, this will not be the last chocolate chip cookie recipe I ever post.  In other words, I will likely post another chocolate chip cookie recipe (or two, or three) as time goes on.

However, for the time being, these cookies are great to throw in a ziplock bag and take with you as a homemade treat for road trips.  In our family that means a long drive to Lake Tahoe for the weekend – they keep the little guy happy if we hit traffic or just get fed up being cooped up in the car.  I imagine you could also take these with you on a flight, to work, to school, the park,you get the idea..


This picture is from when I made these cookies last summer.  See the JOY these cookies bring?! 

IMG_9051Here’s the link to the recipe: http://www.foodiecrush.com/milk-bars-salted-chocolate-chip-cookies/

Note: I don’t completely melt the butter, but I do let it almost entirely melt.  I just don’t like when the butter gets too warm/hot because then it causes the chocolate chips to melt when you add those to the batter… get my drift?



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