Pantry Turn Around

I haven’t been cooking much lately.  Or baking.  I got in a rut.  An infant and toddler – when do I sleep – where’s the coffee – how do I balance two kids’ needs – when do I get anything done – we ran out of diapers – oh S%!@ it’s dinner time?! rut.  In the process, my main pantry closet became a typhoon twister, disorganized, dirty, frustrating mess.  I don’t think I cleaned it out, organized it, or did anything to otherwise keep it “in shape” shall we say since having Isabelle almost 7 months ago.  See Exhibit A:


Get it? It was overwhelming.

So, I took it all out.  See Exhibit B:


And I mean, ALL out. See Exhibit C:


We found a pile of mini garbage cans, left over from Jack’s 3rd Birthday last year, stuffed in the back of the cupboard – such a mess! But then, we put it all back, in an organized fashion!! Except for the expired stuff, the stale stuff, the stuff that didn’t belong, re: the mini garbage cans.

See Exhibit D:


Happy to report that it’s been about 3 weeks since I finished cleaning up this mess, and it still looks like this! So. Much. Better.  Preparing dinner is such an easier process when you know what you have and where it is.

Also, the only thing I had to buy was that lazy susan you see there holding the oils and vinegars. Amazing what a little time and effort can do.