Kid’s Cheese Pizza

I looooove pizza! Melted cheese with a delicious crust smothered in tomato sauce?! Yes, please! Making pizza during the summer months is so fun, especially with the kids.  They love to roll out the dough and put all the toppings on.  This particular day, Jack shaped his pizza dough into “Mickey Mouse” and his excitement was so sweet.  He was especially interested in showing his sister, who is obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse, that he’d made a “Mickey Mouse pizza! haha!”  Isn’t that one of the best parts about pizza?  Each person can have a pizza as they like it, with whichever toppings they enjoy, in whatever shape they want! Square, circle, rectangle, Mickey Mouse shape – it’s creativity and personal preference at its food finest!

When it comes to the pizza dough, we’ve always been partial to store bought pizza, because it’s easy and good.  Safeway and Trader Joes make the best, in my opinion.  We tried the Whole Foods dough on this day, and it was good – but didn’t cook quite as well as the Safeway and TJ’s dough.  Maybe it was user error and we should try again?  Either way, Chris got this book for his birthday a few months ago and I’m looking forward to making our own dough later this summer! Rebecca makes a pretty incredible looking Beer Crust Pizza we should try as well, yes Beer Crust! It sounds amazing. Honestly, making our own dough seems so intimidating, and time consuming because what if it fails? But I’m pretty sure we could pull it off, and in the event it doesn’t work out, I’ll make sure to have a bag of store bought dough hidden in the fridge 😉  … To be continued…

Our very own Pizza Master! 
See those cute little Mickey Mouse ears? 🙂


No tomato sauce no cheese, add guac pizza! 😉
Our “adult” pizza; before shot.